Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Quick Flick - Review

Hello everyone,

Another review.  This time on the eyeliner stamp product The Quick Flick.

This is an eyeliner pen on one side and the "flick' stamp on the other.  Three different sizes, Petite for a small flick (8mm), Modest for a medium flick (10mm) and Grand for a large flick (12mm).

You receive x2 pens in the modest which is fantastic value!

Intense Black PETITE 8MM    Intense Black MODEST 10mm   Intense Black GRAND 12mm

Colours come in Intense Black and Hot Fudge which is a rich Chocolate colour.

It's easy to use although you have to get used to doing eyeliner in a new way.  Sometimes it takes a couple of go's to get used to a new pen.

I purchased the Intense Black in modest.  Firstly you create your flick with the "stamp" and then use the pen and create the full line along your lashline.

Unfortunately for me, the product transferred like nobody's business after about an hour.  Even with an eye primer (Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer, or which I swear by).

Here are the results.  Forgive my not very well lit photos.

I wasn't very happy so tried again another day with the same results


So yes am disappointed that it didn't work so well for me.  But I also bought some for a friend and she she swears by it!

I think I will give it another go.  As they say third time's a charm!

The great thing is it's convenient and not too expensive.  Retails for around $35 AUD but you get x2 pens.  Can be purchased online at

I'd love to know what you all think if you have tried it!

So it goes.

Until next time


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