Sunday, 8 May 2016

Amy Jean Eye Couture Consult

Hello everyone,

Ok so everyone knows that great brows can have such an amazingly positive impact on one's face.  Great brows frame the face, can make you look softer, more youthful and require much less make up product to get looking your best!  

I'm always on the lookout for new products or services to help enhance us.  I was put onto Amy Jean Eye Couture by a friend who had been through chemotherapy and was looking for brow products.

I found Amy Jean on Facebook and Instagram  I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the results from their posts.  The befores and afters are nothing short of astonishing!  Giving hope to women who have been through tough health issues, ones who overplucked (those of you who lived through the 70's) and those who just were born a little "thin" in the brow area.  Amy Jean offers a technique of eyebrow tattooing called Feather Touch Brow Tattoo.  It's not like the traditional style of tattooing.  Instead of one full straight block colour as per traditional tattooing, Amy Jeans consultants tattoo fine, soft lines to emulate hairs.  Giving a more realistic look than a block colour.  They also offer Brow Sculpting, Cosmetic Tattooing and Lash Lift.

So of course I needed to research this myself.  I checked their website which gives a bio on Amy Jean and also all the services that are provided.  I made an appointment for a consultation in Melbourne with Shea.  I went into their salon feeling a little apprehensive.  There was no need.  They were so lovely!  From the moment I stepped in I felt comfortable.  Shea was a beautiful lady who was so informative and professional.  After an initial look and chat Shea advised that I don't go ahead with the feather touch brow tattooing.  Luckily my brows are still relatively full.  A little patchy in areas but nothing a good brow pencil/powder or pomade can't fix (highly recommend Anastasia Beverley Hills brow pomade!). Getting them done now, I wouldn't be getting value for the procedure.  Perhaps in another 10 years when I'm much older and greyer.  Not so far away I think!  

Shea let me ask loads of questions.  Which is always a good sign for me.  After all it is quite a large outlay and I wanted to know exactly how it would work.  Also within the consultation you receive a brow tint of which I was very grateful!  Shea gave me loads of information about the procedure and also of their other services available.

I can tell you I've never had a more positive experience.  Generally when I have a consultation I'm always being upsold to.  I understand how that works as people are running a business.  But I also appreciate that I wasn't seen as $$ but as a real person who was willing to outlay a fairly large investment and advised accordingly.  I would highly recommend that if anyone is thinking of getting their brows tattooed to go and get a consultation with Amy Jean Eye Couture.  I'm not aware of anyone else offering this type of technique.  But if you are please let me know!  Amy Jean salons are in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.  There is a fee for the consultation but I think given the information I received well worth the investment.

Shea also mentioned that they will be getting an updated procedure for brows very soon.  The name of the procedure escapes me right now but if you go in ask!

Good luck and if you go and get a procedure let me know!  I'd love to hear about your experience.

Until next time