Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Limited Edition Your IT Girl® Lips! IT’S YOUR FLAWLESS RED LIP!

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my previous post I've been wandering around Sephora in Melbourne a little bit.  I came across IT Cosmetics It's Your Flawless Red Lip pack.  And being the red lippie lover since I was 14 I thought I'm going to give this one a try!

According to the packaging IT claims the following:

Experience the gift of youthful vitality with your perfect red lips that last! This limited-edition, 2-piece set includes your cutting-edge Blurred Lines™ Smooth-Fill Lipstick in IT Girl™ and a bonus Travel-Size YLBB™ Your Lips But Better Waterproof Lip Liner Stain in Cherry Flush. While Blurred Lines™ lipstick drenches your lips in rich color, lip-smoothing collagen and hydrolyzed filling spheres, the creamy YLBB™ lip liner enhances your lipstick and locks it in place with budge-proof definition."

Tried it on a "work" day when lipstick usually doesn't last very long, due to various activities such as drinking, eating, biting one's lip etc...
When I first applied the red lip liner I wasn't that impressed with the colour.  But it did go on quite smoothly.  I filled in my whole lip with the lip liner (as I always do for colour longevity).  I then put a coat of the lip stick which was also very smooth and hydrating.  A little odd for me as I always wear matt to very matt red lipsticks.
Again I wasn't a massive fan of the colour as I am used to wearing blue based reds and this was a little too orange for my liking.  Unfortunately there is no choice in terms of colour.  The lipstick didn't last very long and the liner had created as slight stain but it was not waterproof as it is claimed.

The lipstick and liner did feather outside my lip line. Not a great look for red lips and certainly not the look I'm after.  I like a clean, neat finish on my red lips.  The lipstick felt very nice on and this product would be great for someone who is medium to olive skin toned and who just wants a wash or stain of colour rather than a full red "vintage" lip.

Not a huge fan but then it doesn't cost the world either.  RRP around $24 AUD and you're also getting the lip liner.

Final call?  Not a huge fan of it given my preferences for red lipstick.  I don't think it's exactly what it claims (waterproof) and there are other waterproof lip liners available that actually don't budge.  Given the choice I probably would not have bought it but as mentioned I am a sucker for a red lipstick!

Until next time take care of yourselves


Monday, 4 April 2016

Sephora - Melbourne, Sydney

Hello everyone,

It's been a very long time.  Just thought I'd put out a very short post about Sephora in Australia.

I had been to the Sydney Store a couple of times before the Melbourne one opened in November of 2015.  My experience was ok.  It's very busy of course and the staff quite friendly and open.  Not super knowledgeable but then enough to know a little about almost everything.

As for the Melbourne store, having had a little more time to wander around I wasn't that impressed with the product range.  It's a shame that we now have another competitor in Australia who isn't really able to compete in the Australian market properly.  My initial reaction was great!, we have another large store in the marketplace to compete and finally give a decent price change for the Australian market.  Everyone knows that here in Australia cosmetics are so hideously expensive that when news of Sephora coming was welcomed with open arms.  Unfortunately we have been given another raw deal.

Yes Sephora provides us with products we normally wouldn't have access which is wonderful, but due to restrictions they are unable to compete on price with products that already exist in the Australian market place.  Go figure!

All in all it's still worth a visit.  Sephora provides a good range although restricted.  The travel size items are excellent and make great stocking fillers!  The Sephora brand range is very good and worth a try.  Not too expensive and quite good for it's price point.  I'm looking to try the new cushion foundation and will give a review on that as soon as I give it a try.

Until then take care of your skin and yourselves.