Monday, 3 September 2018

Juvalips verdict

Hello everyone,

again a long time but finally am posting my trial of the Juvalips, natural lip plumping device.  

I bought it quite a while ago and tried it on a couple of occasions.  The packaging is lovely and has very easy to follow instructions.  Honestly let's face it.  It's not brain surgery.


Basically it's a little battery operated machine that fits just around your mouth and sucks your lips into the little space at the top of the device.

It doesn't bruise nor hurt.  Just feels a little weird whilst it's doing its thing.  The "vaccum" lasts for approximately 60 seconds and will automatically stop.

You can do two cycles one after the other but it's not recommended to do more than two.

Here are my results.

Before/"natural" with a little lip balm

Cycle 1.

Yes you can see the marks around the outside of my mouth but they go away very quickly.

Cycle 2.

Finished with lipstick

As you can see significant improvement of my upper lip.  Smoother and much fuller without having a trout pout!

Left it for a week or so and then tried again.

Same result.  Verdict?  I actually really, really like it!

Easy to use, keep clean.  You get replacement felt pads and the mouthpiece comes off so you can clean it.  All in all I think worth the investment!  Can be purchased from the Juvalips website and retails at around $99.95 for the basic pack.  You even get a pair of AAA batteries to get you started.

Again I have not been paid to use this product.  I bought this myself as I have tried so many products to keep my lips fuller.

Well that's it for now.

Until next time.