Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Remove make up with just water! - with The Original Make up Eraser

Hello everyone,

Ever come home very late of an evening and have been to tired to remove your make up?  Here's something that will save you!

The Original Make Up Eraser make up remove cloth.

Just add water.  It will remove your eye make up, mascara (apparently even waterproof mascara) and face make up with water.

Just add water and voila' your make up is gone. No scrubbing or rubbing.  Just gently wipe your face as it removes all the make up from your face.  And your skin isn't sore from wiping as the cloth is so very soft!

According the website: 

"The Makeup Eraser is made from a proprietery blend of polyester.
Water is the only thing needed for Makeup Eraser to work. Warm or hot water works best.  

Makeup Eraser does not have "loops" in its material and will not grab Eyelash Extensions.

Makeup Eraser is chemical free, it will not harm Permanent or Tattooed makeup, nor will it loosen/dissolve Eyelash Extension glue.

Unlike Microfiber, Makeup Eraser will not dry your skin.

Makeup Eraser is soft, it won't tug on delicate skin, especially around the eyes.
Makeup Eraser lasts up to 1,000 machine washes".

OK so I have trialed this for about 2 months now.  It removes face make up and normal mascara quite well.  Proof?  Once I cleaned my face with the Make Up Eraser I used a toner to remove any 'left over' make up.  My cotton pad was clean!  Hurrah!  As for how clean it can get?  The first time I washed it (in a lingerie bag in the washing machine), it was spotless.  But each subsequent wash still leaves behind mascara marks.  I'm not bothered though.  Still cleans my skin just as well!

As for waterproof mascara I ddid need to go over my eyes a few times to clean it and even then it wasn't completely off.  I would still use an oily make up remover for the waterproof mascara as it removes it so much more quickly with less 'rubbing'.

All in all if you're wearing your daily make up I highly recommend it.  It's very soft and doesn't really irritate my skin (which is quite sensitive). 

I'd love to know what you think.

Until next time