Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mascaras Part 2

Hi everyone,  

I hope my first blog helped you all to navigate the maze of mascaras that are available. After having travelled to the USA recently and found Sephora (cosmetic heaven) I researched and have a couple more recommendations.

Medium Price Value

They're Real Mascara - Benefit  

Curls, Lengthen, Volumises and Seperates. It really does!  It has a large volumising brush with lifts and seperates lashes btu also has a spiky head at the end of the brush, not unlike Givenchy's Phenomeyes and you can give extra lift to your lashes.  I love it!!

Bad Gal Plum - Benefit Eye Color Intensifying Mascara

Volumises your lashes and the plum colour gives a soft,warm definition without the too much intensity.  Great for a day look!

Until next time!

B-Lush Cosmetica