Sunday, 12 May 2019

L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara review

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Another review for you all.  Again not sponsored.  I purchase all products myself.  My philosophy is a review which is unbiased, no nonsense and real.  It's an opinion of course.  It would be impossible to be suitable to every single product available.  But I do my best to explain why I have chosen one way or the other in relation to the product claims.

So, here we go!

I hadn't used a L'Oreal mascara in a while and admittedly had bought this when it first became available.

L'Oreal says: "the first curled volume effect mascara from L’Oréal Paris. The volumising mega curl roller brush curls and thickens each lash from the root. The quick Mega Volume formula holds up the curl for an all day lasting effect!"

As per my usual routine I used it, wasn't super impressed (as is always the case for me with a new mascara).  I think I expect some kind of miracle immediately where I apply the mascara and automatically transform into a super model!

However, I revisited this again I am absolutely amazed at the volume this mascara provides!  It lifts your lashes right from the base.  Opens up the eye and makes the most of the length you have!

Now I have before and afters to show you but be gentle.  I'm not a super model first thing in the morning (or ever!).  My photos are not 'touched up' or filtered in any way.  I want you to see exactly how the mascara looks on a real person.  Not a pretend person.



Forgive the bags and the bad hair.  But being a 'normal' person who has to go to work every day, I think it's important to show how amazing this stuff really is!

RRP around $21.95 AUD.  But of course L'Oreal very kindly has sales constantly so keep an eye on L'Oreal retailers for a bargain!

Thanx for reading.  Would love your feedback.

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